Plans for Full School Re-opening September 2020

Now that we have received the government’s guidelines for the full reopening of schools in September 2020, we are able to share our plans for the start of next term.

We aim for school to be as normal as possible for the children within the confines of the guidelines and, most importantly, within strict health and safety boundaries in order to keep our pupils and staff safe.

Children to learn in year groups and not mix with other year groups
The timetable will be written so that there will be no vertically-grouped (i.e. mixed-yeargroup) classes. Children will not mix with children or teachers from year groups outside of their bubble.

Timings of the School Day
School start and finish times for the 2020/21 academic year have been moved to let staff and children commute during non-peak travel hours. Drop-off and pick-up times will be staggered to allow children to remain in their year group bubble.

Extra-Curricular Clubs & After-School Care
Due to restrictions on vertically-grouped classes, after-school extra-curricular clubs will not be able to run for the Autumn term. After-school care will be available, with extra safety measures and a bubble system in place.

Staff & Children’s Temperature to be  Taken in the Morning
All teachers and children’s temperature is taken at the school gate to ensure no child has a fever.

Extra Hand Washing Throughout the Day
We have installed hand sanitising stations around the school, including in each classroom. Hand washing routines will be part of the day (at least once an hour, as well as before and after eating and after visiting the lavatory). Air driers have been replaced by paper towels for hand drying. We teach these safety rules each to the children and these are displayed around the school.

Here are the other key points from the government guidelines and how this affects Kensington Wade:

School to be deep cleaned every day
Additional on-site cleaning during the day to remain in place next term.
No contact sport
PE lessons to focus on individual exercise and athletics.
Early Years to focus on personal, social and emotional development, physical development, communication, language, reading and mathematics
Weekly schedules of learning will be adapted to give more time for these areas.  Following on from start of year standardised assessments, individual programmes of learning will be created.
Teachers to restrict contact with each other and different year groups
Year group class teachers to only teach their year group.
Forward-facing desks where appropriate
Implemented in Key Stage One and Two classrooms.
Reduced use of frequently shared items
Early Years shared equipment to be cleaned every day.
Restriction of mass-gatherings
School Open Day postponed until later in the year.
The Year Ahead Meeting and Progress Review Meetings to be held online.  Whole school celebrations postponed.
Self-isolation procedure in place if there is a COVID outbreak at school
Remote learning will be offered for any child self-isolating but well enough to learn.