Success for Kensington Wade in Chinese Bridge Competition

On Saturday 10th July, several Kensington Wade students competed in the Chinese Bridge competition, a contest organised by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation, which offers pupils a chance to come together and demonstrate their Chinese language skills.

Each contestant submitted a pre-recorded Chinese presentation to the competition judging panel and were also asked various questions by the judges during a live Q&A section of the competition finale, which took place over Zoom.

In the Key Stage 1 category four of the five finalists were Kensington Wade students, with Amity Macdonald taking 2nd place and Sofia Shelmerdine taking 3rd place. In the Key Stage 2 category, Kensington Wade took 1st place. A big congratulations to all the Kensington Wade pupils on their success.

The judges commented on the extremely impressive standard of Chinese demonstrated by all Kensington Wade contestants and we look forward to future competitions as Kensington Wade children take part in the Chinese Bridge competition in the higher Key Stage categories. Well done to all those that took part!