Success for Kensington Wade pupils in Chinese Language Competition

On Friday 8th July, a group of Kensington Wade pupils represented the school in the second annual Chinese Bridge competition, a national competition which gives non-native Chinese language students of all ages a chance to come together and demonstrate their Chinese language skills.

Our pupils achieved fantastic results in the competition, with our Key Stage 1 pupils achieving a clean sweep of all the prizes in individual competition for their age group, with Liberty Leathers, Alberto Busseni-Camisani, Penelope Vlotides-Clough taking the top 3 places.  Kensington Wade’s entries for the Key Stage 1 group competition also took the top two places.
In Key Stage 2 individual competition, Nikola Ashurkov won the 1st place, and our pupils also won the 2nd place in Key Stage 2 group competition. 
A huge congratulations to all the children who took part for their excellent preparation and practise in the classroom leading up to the event as well as their performance on the day.