BeiBei Wang performing at Chinese New Year party

Staff Spotlight: Mary-Anne Malloy

24th May 23

Our latest ‘Staff Spotlight’ features Mary-Ann Malloy, Deputy Head and Year 4 teacher at Kensington Wade. We asked Mary-Anne ‘What would pupils be surprised to find out about you?’

‘I grew up in both pre- and post-apartheid South Africa. I went to school in a small town just outside Durban. Whilst at university I was part of the ‘Truth and Reconciliation Initiative’ which was set up to help with transition post-apartheid, to make sure everyone had a voice and that all cultures were represented at the university. It was very interesting to be involved in this project and encouraged me to hold dear the values of kindness, respect, humility, empathy and justice. The vision of Kensington Wade really excites me – we are creating a school that truly brings together different cultures in the greatest city in the world – how amazing!’

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