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Co-Curricular Programme

At Kensington Wade we provide an extensive co-curricular programme. The activities are designed to challenge the children intellectually, physically and creatively and give them the chance to find new passions and talents they sometimes did not know they had!

Clubs offered at Kensington Wade include: African drumming, ballet, Bilingual Beats, board games, chamber choir, chess, Chinese art, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese dance, Chinese music, Chinese story time, choral group, coding, cookery, drama, football, games, homework, Karate, multi-sports, musical ensemble, musical theatre, orchestra, passport, programmable robotics, Spanish, tennis and yoga.

At Kensington Wade we also take part in local and national competitions in English, art, Chinese Language, mathematics, sport, STEM and music. These encourage a healthy sense of competition in our pupils and allow them to showcase and validate their achievements. For example, at the 2023 Chinese Bridge Awards Kensington Wade pupils won the first and second prizes in both the KS1 and KS2 individual competitions, the third prize in the KS1 group category and the UK representative to attend the global final in China will be from Kensington Wade.

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