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Kensington Wade follows the British curriculum except in mathematics where we follow the Shanghai Approach (also called the Mastery Approach). The unique advantage at Kensington Wade is that we teach the curriculum in a fully immersive bilingual setting.


Pupils in Reception at Kensington Wade continue to follow the Early Years Foundation Framework covering the seven areas of learning:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

Year 1

Entering Key Stage 1, pupils in Year 1 experience a more formal style of learning with carpet instruction and follow-up learning at their tables. Children follow the Shanghai Approach in mathematics (also called the Maths Mastery approach) and through this the children securely underpin their conceptual understanding in mathematics through concrete, pictorial and abstract forms.

In English, pupils develop their reading and comprehension skills, writing and spelling and spoken language proficiency with daily phonics to scaffold this. Daily Chinese literacy lessons develop pupils’ understanding of spoken Chinese as well as introducing them to reading and writing the Chinese characters.

Children also benefit from immersive lessons such as art, humanities and science, delivered in either English or Chinese. In addition, they have specialist teachers in music and sport and take part in swimming lessons which are provided locally.

Children take part in termly class assemblies and performances, in both English and Chinese, ensuring they move on to Year 2 with confidence and enthusiasm for performance.

Year 2

Year 2 is the second year of Key Stage 1. The children are developing as independent learners and continue the Maths Mastery approach following Power Maths and daily English and Chinese lessons as they did in Year 1.

Pupils continue to benefit from the opportunities of specialist teaching in music with a weekly choir session in addition to their music provision. Children can also start individual music lessons in piano and violin in our dedicated music room or 1:1 room. They continue with specialist sport lessons twice a week.

Year 3

Entering Key Stage 2, pupils in Year 3 experience a step up in excitement and challenge. They continue with the Maths Mastery curriculum, daily English and Chinese lessons and immersive lessons in humanities and PSHE delivered in either English or Chinese.

The children benefit from continued specialist teaching in music and sport and start to receive teaching from our subject specialists in art, computing and science. They continue their swimming lessons and begin to represent the school in team sports fixtures and competitions such as the ISA STEAM events. From Year 3 the curriculum also includes debating and reasoning and children take part in their first ESB speech and language exams.

A notable highlight for pupils in Year 3 is their first residential visit. Most recently, pupils took part in a three day trip to Hooke Court in Dorset where they explored a range of activities including mapping and orienteering, archaeology and environmental science.

Starting Key Stage 2 marks the start of our 11+ preparations and we take a calm and measured approach to support our pupils on this journey.

Year 4

Pupils continue to develop as independent learners in Year 4 and have the same balance of immersive English and Chinese and curriculum subjects as in Year 3.

In Year 4 we see the introduction of a Reading Challenge Competition which gives the children vital practice in speaking aloud and maintaining the interest of their audience. By this point the children will be mastering, if not already mastered, their brilliant penmanship and are rewarded with a pen licence allowing them to complete their daily work in pen rather than pencil.

Children are encouraged to become more responsible for their own belongings and to organise their time, for example, in prioritising homework and meeting deadlines.

Year 5

Pupils continue to develop as independent learners in Year 5 and have the same balance of immersive English and Chinese and curriculum subjects as in Year 4 with the addition of Spanish which is delivered by a specialist native-speaking teacher.

The children in Year 5 have the opportunity to go further afield for their residential trip. This year our Year 5 pupils will be staying at a residential centre on the Isle of Wight to take part in team building activities over three days.

Year 6

By the end of Key Stage 2 pupils are fully prepared for the 11+ process and we focus on supporting them both academically and pastorally, with a balance towards the English immersive classroom as they carry out these English exams. Close and regular communication between school and home ensures this is a well-managed and smooth process.

Pupils continue with their lessons in the spring and summer terms to ensure they are fully prepared for their transition to Year 7 in their chosen senior school. In addition, we intend to put all our pupils’ hard work in becoming fluent in Chinese into practice with an extended residential trip to mainland China.

Children also take on leadership roles in this final year as House and Subject Leaders.

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