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The Good Schools Guide

"Bilingual, bicultural, biliterate – and unique"

The Good Schools Guide

"Teaching here is exceptional… A beacon for the future"

The Good Schools Guide


"We have been thrilled with the quality of education. Our daughter (a native English speaker) follows the comprehensive English curriculum and in parallel has adapted to the immersive Chinese programme with a high proficiency in Mandarin. The school also values the balance of scholastic pursuits with an extremely wide variety of extracurricular activities."

Current parent

"At Kensington Wade, the staff are experienced but relish the opportunity to do things the way they believe will work best"

Current parent


"The most exciting school in the country"

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor of University of Buckingham, educationalist, historian and commentator

"Most prep schools are old-fashioned. Kensington Wade is a 21st Century School"

Barnaby Lenon, Chairman, Independent Schools Council and former Headmaster, Harrow School

"We’re delighted to name Kensington Wade as the inaugural winners of the ISA Award for Innovation in Education 2022. Not only do they offer a blended curriculum, which is taught in both languages, but also diverse ways for students to embrace both cultures. Pupils become skilled intercultural navigators for the realities of our diverse society."

Rudolph Eliott Lockhart, Chief Executive Officer at ISA

"In the future it will be invaluable to speak Chinese in almost every field. Kensington Wade’s pupils will have a great advantage, no matter what career they choose"

Lord Willetts, former Minister of Universities and Science

"A unique and inspirational school"



"Kensington Wade isn’t a good school, it’s an amazing school!"

Current pupil
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