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Staff Spotlight: Valene Phillip

4th July 23

Our latest ‘Staff Spotlight’ features Valene Phillip, Head of Early Years at Kensington Wade. We asked Valene, ‘What is your earliest memory of school?’

‘I went to Mitchell Brook Primary School in Neasden, North West London. My earliest memory of school is starting in Reception. I remember walking into the classroom and feeling welcomed and safe. The Reception classroom was colourful and bright, and I remember the warm smile of my teacher. I loved going to school and I made friends with a range of children – one of my best friends today is a friend that I met in primary school!

‘At Kensington Wade, the teachers always strive to create a calm and welcoming environment. I enjoy supporting the children to learn and make happy and enriching friendships both in their class and across the school community. Kensington Wade is a wonderful community to belong to!’

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