BeiBei Wang performing at Chinese New Year party

Year 6 China Trip: A Memorable Journey

11th June 24

From May 13th to May 24th, Year 6 students from Kensington Wade embarked on an enriching and adventurous trip to China. The journey spanned three vibrant places: Beijing, Chengdu, and Songyang, each offering a unique blend of cultural immersion and hands-on learning experiences.


In Beijing, the students explored iconic landmarks such as Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. They enjoyed a pedi-cab tour of Beijing’s historic Hutongs and visited traditional Siheyuan courtyards. Cultural activities included learning stories about old objects, a scavenger hunt at Houhai Area, practising Kung Fu at the Temple of Heaven, and visiting the Summer Palace. The highlight was a hike on the Great Wall at Mutianyu, complemented by a cable car ride and a visit to the Olympic Park.


Chengdu offered a glimpse into the local way of life with a stroll through People’s Park and free time at Kuanzhai Alley. A memorable day was spent volunteering at a panda sanctuary, where students observed pandas, made panda cakes, and cut bamboo leaves. They also participated in a Sichuan cooking class, creating dishes at the Cuisine Museum. A visit to Du Jiangyan Primary School provided an opportunity to interact with local students.


The final stop was Songyang, a village in Zhejiang province. Students enjoyed a traditional puppet show and participated in a herbal tea workshop, learning to identify and collect herbs. They created Duanwu Tea and took part in a paper-making workshop, crafting thread-bound books. The visit included interactions with local primary school students, exchanging games and English workshops. The local students shared skills like walking on stilts and traditional She’s dancing, and the Year 6 students learned to weave ethnic ribbons. The camp concluded with a visit to a local family, where students learned about family history and local life, enriching their understanding of Chinese culture.

The trip was an unforgettable experience, brimming with amazing educational opportunities and joyous moments, indelibly shaping the memories and perspectives of all who participated.

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