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Category: School Trips

Year 4’s terrific trolls!

17th March 23

Year 4 had a wonderful walk along the Thames towpath on Wednesday this week finding natural materials to inspire and decorate the creative clay trolls they had constructed. The trolls will be used to inspire some creative writing next week. Great work Year 4!

Reception zoom into space!

17th March 23

Reception had lots of fun at the Science Museum yesterday! They attended a space workshop and learnt a lot about how astronauts live and work in space. They also visited the ‘Exploring Space’ hall and ‘Flight’ hall to extend their knowledge about space and the universe.

Reception visit the Tate Modern

3rd March 23

Reception had a lovely trip to the Tate Modern on Thursday. Guided by their teachers, they saw lots of different artworks and did some fantastic sketching of their own. As it was such a sunny day, they then had a walk along the river Thames to spot some of the famous landmarks of London.

Pupils get creative at the National Gallery

24th February 23

Pupils in KS2 had a lovely trip to the National Gallery yesterday. Pupils had a guided tour of the gallery and examined artists’ different use of colour. They learnt how different use of paint can create the texture and shades to bring a painting alive. The children then took part in a colour mixing workshop…

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