Nursery & Reception


Children who have passed their 3rd birthday by 1st September join in our Nursery programme. They will attend school every weekday from 8:30am until 3pm.

Children learn through play and the teaching teams follow each child in order to plan activities according to their stage of development. The nursery classroom has specific areas where children can explore on their own as well as with adults, such as role-play areas, creative stands, IT and book corners.

Children are encouraged to be independent and to think creatively as well as to solve problems in their learning. Children’s literacy and numeracy skills are continually emerging and special activities will be created to further develop these.

Our lesson plans use a thematic approach with themes ranging from Dinosaurs to Space. We will also celebrate important world festivals in our international setting which will reflect the variety of cultures represented by the children in our school.


The emphasis remains on play and thematic learning, encouraging each child to progress according to their stage of development.

The classroom has a variety of areas, from role-play, computers, to a book corner, which the children can access independently. Outdoor and indoor play are available throughout the day for individual activity or group play. Children are introduced to more formal lessons as well as music, art and PE.

Children have daily numeracy and literacy sessions. They are beginning to read; they take part in English phonic sessions every day and follow an English reading scheme. Children learn to write basic strokes and simple Chinese characters and begin to recognise selected characters.