BeiBei Wang performing at Chinese New Year party


Holiday Camp Fun!

31st May 23

The children at our half term holiday camp are having lots of fun this week! Yesterday, after learning a poem about the wind, they  made kites which they flew and had a paper boat race to test the strength of the wind. They have also done water calligraphy and traditional Chinese games such as rubber…

Chinese Bridge Competition Finals

26th May 23

We have just found out that all pupils who entered this year’s Chinese Bridge speaking competition made it to the final! The competition organisers received an unprecedented 90 entries from 34 schools across the country with more than 400 pupils taking part. Congratulations to the pupils and teachers involved and good luck for the final…

Our VR Headsets have arrived!

25th May 23

Year 4 have had an exciting afternoon using our brand new VR headsets. They were fascinated to look at sites in China including the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. The VR headsets are the first purchase for our new STEAM room which will be built over the summer.

Year 3 make mummified tomatoes

25th May 23

To support their studies on Ancient Egypt, Year 3 have been mummifying tomatoes. Firstly, the children scooped out the inside of the tomato (as Egyptians once did when they mummified people!) Then they applied hand sanitiser to the tomato to kill the bacteria before weighing the tomato and salting it. And voila! After 2 weeks…

Staff Spotlight: Mary-Anne Malloy

24th May 23

Our latest ‘Staff Spotlight’ features Mary-Ann Malloy, Deputy Head and Year 4 teacher at Kensington Wade. We asked Mary-Anne ‘What would pupils be surprised to find out about you?’ ‘I grew up in both pre- and post-apartheid South Africa. I went to school in a small town just outside Durban. Whilst at university I was…

Dinosaur World!

24th May 23

As part of their project on dinosaurs, nursery created a brilliant Dinosaur World yesterday using jelly, sand, soil, ice… and lots of dinosaurs.  

ISA Digital Art Competition Success!

23rd May 23

Congratulations to Kaia in Year 2 who has been awarded Highly Commended in the Key Stage 1 ISA Digital Art Competition. Kaia created this piece in her own time using the skills learnt in class and also by discovering some of her own creative flair! She used the Seesaw app to create the image and…

Year 3 and 4 Residential Trip to Juniper Hall

22nd May 23

Years 3 and 4 had a fantastic time at Juniper Hall last week. On the first day they had a long walk in the woods and built protective shelters. The next day they explored the woodlands, grasslands and wetlands and had lots of fun finding a variety of invertebrates including larvae, leeches and freshwater shrimps!…

Nursery meet the biggest dinosaur who ever lived!

18th May 23

Nursery have had an exciting day at the Natural History Museum today, they visited the Titanosaur exhibition which explained all about the biggest dinosaur that ever lived.

Staff Spotlight: Jo Wallace

15th May 23

Our latest ‘Staff Spotlight’ features the Principal of Kensington Wade, Jo Wallace. We asked Jo, ‘What has been your highlight of the term so far?’ ‘At our recent Chinese Immersion Breakfast we hosted a number of senior school Heads of Chinese and Professors of Linguistics. Our guests had a tour of our classrooms and my…

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