Recent netball and football fixtures

We have had a number of fixtures recently against other local schools. On Monday 26th September, Year 3 and 4 played netball against Falcons School for Girls. Stella and Kendall in Year 3 said, ‘Everybody tried hard and had a good time. It was rainy but everyone just kept on going. We had a very good snack too! We felt like good sports and we were happy that the Falcons won their first match. We learned that we could pass the ball to each other to score more points.’ 

Year 4 said, ‘We had a tough start nil-nil in the first half and then in the second half Raj passed to Xavi, who then passed to Myrah and Myrah scored a goal which meant that Kensington Wade were the winners! At the end, we cheered each other and enjoyed kit-kats and juice together. We had great fun!’ 

On Wednesday 28th September, Year 4 played football against Prospect House on a sunny afternoon, winning 11-2. Caspar defended the ball using another part of his body – his back!  Congratulations to Year 4 for winning their first football match.