BeiBei Wang performing at Chinese New Year party

Super Science Workshops

21st April 23

We have had a busy week back filled with science workshops! Parent, Mr Weinhammer came to meet Years 3, 4 and 5 on Wednesday to lead a chemistry workshop. He helped the children to create a method to inflate a balloon by ‘waking up’ yeast and letting the carbon dioxide release. The children also built structures and packed them with crumpled paper to visualise how the pockets of air in bread would rise, as well as comparing different types of baked breads. We learnt so much science and we can’t wait for Mr Weinhammer’s next visit!

On Thursday we welcomed celebrity baker and 2021 Great British Bake Off finalist, Chigs, to lead a baking workshop for children in the Early Years and KS1. The children made chocolate and orange soda bread and had a fun STEAM experience looking into the ingredients used to make bread and how to make dough safely and hygienically. This session was very messy with most of the flour ending up on the children themselves!

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