BeiBei Wang performing at Chinese New Year party


Reception send their rockets into space!

22nd March 23

Reception were busy yesterday designing and creating space rockets from recycling materials. They were very excited when their rockets blasted off!

Staff Spotlight: Wang Jing

20th March 23

Our latest ‘Staff Spotlight’ features Wang Jing who is our Deputy Head and Head of our Chinese Programme. We asked her, ‘What makes Kensington Wade different?’ ‘So many things! As the Head of our Chinese programme, one of the things I am really proud of is our English-Chinese bilingual programme. Our wonderful teachers are so…

Recycling Week

20th March 23

We are celebrating Recycling Week this week and pupils and teachers have come into school today wearing some fantastic outfits for our Recycled Clothes Day! 

Year 4’s terrific trolls!

17th March 23

Year 4 had a wonderful walk along the Thames towpath on Wednesday this week finding natural materials to inspire and decorate the creative clay trolls they had constructed. The trolls will be used to inspire some creative writing next week. Great work Year 4!

Reception zoom into space!

17th March 23

Reception had lots of fun at the Science Museum yesterday! They attended a space workshop and learnt a lot about how astronauts live and work in space. They also visited the ‘Exploring Space’ hall and ‘Flight’ hall to extend their knowledge about space and the universe.

Year 2 learn about germs

16th March 23

Year 2 have been learning about germs today. The children were challenged to show how germs spread using glitter paint and squirt bottles. They also examined how covering their mouths with a mask, using tissues and washing their hands can help to prevent germs spreading. Great work Year 2!

Education Matters Talk: ‘The IB Diploma vs A Levels’

16th March 23

Join us on Tuesday 13th June at 18:30 for our next free Education Matters Talk when we will be joined by Alec Jiggins, Head of ICS London, who will speak on ‘The IB Diploma vs A Levels’. As parents, choosing the right school and curriculum for our children is one of the most significant decisions…

Year 2 get inspired by Van Gogh

15th March 23

Year 2 have been busy designing their own 3D room today inspired by Van Gogh’s painting ‘Bedroom in Arles’. They also shared their work with each other to inspire their classmates and then written their own essays in Chinese on the topic of ‘I like my room’. What creative pupils we have – lovely work…

Year 1 explore the continents

15th March 23

Year 1 have been busy learning about continents in their geography topic. Yesterday they worked in small groups to explore the seven continents and researched lots of new and exciting facts! They then presented and taught their findings to the rest of the class. Great work Year 1!

Staff Spotlight: Suzanne Haigh

13th March 23

In our first ‘Staff Spotlight’ we asked our Head, Suzanne Haigh, ‘What’s your favourite thing about Kensington Wade?’ ‘The children! They are such enthusiastic learners and always so curious to know more. The relationships we foster with the children are strong, we know each child really well and I love that when I walk into…

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